So what can we offer you to make your social media presence much much better and your life much easier? Well here are some of the main services we offer to customers on a daily basis. We offer scheduled posting to your Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you don’t have one or the other we can also set these account up for you in a way that it promotes your business in a professional manner and gets the most activity possible. We send a weekly email to one of your staff members discussing the coming weeks priorities for posts , this can be for a special sale which you are having , new products that have arrived or it can just be general business promotion. We design all art worked required and write the content for each post so don’t worry your member of staff will just be giving us a general outline of what to post.

As part of the interaction with your staff members (if required) we have previously set up Whatsapp group messaging threads which allow your staff members to share pictures with us of new products , production runs , custom parts for clients , jobs for clients , installation of products for clients. All your staff need to do when included in the group is send some pictures relating to the work they are doing and then a very brief description. This then keeps potential customers who follow your social media accounts totally up to date on what you have to offer. We have found that the reaction from some of our clients customers after we start posting using the content from staff members in the Whatsapp group is crazy , this is one of the main sentences we hear ” Wow! i never knew you did that or offered that ” … this is because when our clients are struggling to look after their own social media accounts , they sometimes feel they need to show off the top things that are happening and usually don’t show the day to day things that are happening in the business …. the day to day things that are happening are so important as this is probably 70-80% of your sales! Why not show people what you are doing!! We use specialist software which allows us to use the most relevant tags which are going to give you the most activity while posting content at the optimum times during the day for your core market and when competition on showing content on each platform is low.

.On top of Facebook and Instagram posting we also offer building of your presence on Pinterest . This would involve building up boards and regularly pinning new content while using these pins to showcase your work or products and push potential customers to your website. We have found that Pinterest works extremely well for Interior businesses and clothing businesses.

Depending on your business we can include our Youtube posting services also. This can be used for general business promotion or again to showcase new or special products. We design our videos to push potential customers to your website which in turn will increase your transactions online. We do not make videos with people talking , all our content is videos or pictures consolidated into a video format. We can also include some of your suppliers video productions if they have some as these always create interest.

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