Ebay Services

Do you sell a lot of products in Ireland but just feel like you could be doing more ?  Do you need to buy in large quantities from your supplier to meet minimum order quantities and would like to have other avenues of sales for these products ?

We have helped lots of clients in your position . We helped customers setup an Ebay store and started shipping their products worldwide! It sounds simple but we know what we are doing , we know the rules and regulations on Ebay and also the best way to showcase your products so people buy yours over a competitors. We offer a full service in this area except packing and shipping but we can help you set this up also. Our full service offers – dealing with customers questions , listing new items , updating existing items, looking for the best price point for items so you are making money but also selling a lot. , dealing with customer complaints ( not regular ) , setting up of your terms and conditions of sale. When you have an Ebay sale it is as simple as we email you the order details and customers details , your staff then pick and pack the order , then when the order has tracking details assigned to it your staff simply reply to the earlier email with the order details on it  with the tracking number attached. We also have a great program on how to get customers to start buying from your website instead of through Ebay ( as Ebay charge some fees) , this means that every Ebay customer you post an order to potentially becomes a customer on your dedicated website.

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